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Now available on Amazon US.
Worldwide shipping.

Well, actually, since February, we've been selling
the Mamut Skull both through our webshop, and through Amazon US.
As of now, we ship worldwide, in both places.

In the beginning of August, we're also going to start selling in Amazon EU.
This will be with a twist.
Amazon US - Mamut Skull - Coal
Amazon EU - Mamut Skull - Bone

The Coal is the ordinary dark grey Skull, Bone is a light grey variant.
Both models will be offered in our own webshop with worldwide shipping.

Pictures coming soon.


Mamut VR Protection
- our first project

Mamut hit Kickstarter in July 2016, to get initial funding to start producing our product. We later got external funding, so we decided to cancel the Kickstarter out of respect for our backers. 

With the external funding we were able to re-launch on Kickstarter in August, this time taking pre-orders. When the campaign ended a month later, we reached 600% of our goal and went in to production.

To order Mamut Skull, got to www.mamutvr.com.
The send out to our backers initiated December 2016..